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The Frierson Brothers have risen to become an influential gospel duo and band in both the U.S. and international music scene with radio airplay and music streams consistently on the rise – their most recent project showcases them as influential artists at the height of their creative power. Here is what the industry says about their new project:

“Breakthrough is an inspiring showcase of gospel music at its finest, and most definitely an on-time message for today’s trying times.”
– Dr. Bobby Jones, host, Bobby Jones Presents

“If you’re looking for gospel music that will inspire you, motive you, and help you along your Christian journey, look no further… this album will do it!”
– Milton Biggham, multiple Grammy®, Stellar, Dove Awards winner

“I encourage you to support The Frierson Brothers and their ministry… go and get your copy of their new album Breakthrough today!”
– Dorothy Norwood, multiple Grammy® and Stellar Awards winner

“I’m so excited to be a part of this great project and I encourage you to get your copy of Breakthrough today!”
– Donnie Harper, multiple Grammy®, Stellar, Dove Awards nominee

“I’ve know Frank and Fred for many, many years and these fellas can sing! Get their project… you’ll be bless, you’ll be encouraged, and you’ll be lifted!”
– Alvin Darling, multiple Stellar Awards nominee

“These brothers have been so consistent throughout the years and what I love about this project is they give us a little bit of everything – a smorgasbord of all types of gospel music while giving God the praise.”
– Liz Black, radio personality

“This is a wonderful product and I truly believe this is their breakthrough project!”
– Sam Williams, radio personality

“If you have not purchased your copy of Breakthrough, I admonish you to get yours today… you’ll definitely going to be blessed!”
– Craig Hayes, radio personality

Newark (New Jersey)

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